Friday, 25 January 2013

How to embellish a vest

This week, I tried on a vest in H&M (sadly I cannot find a photo online) which was grey, oversized and embellished with colourful gems. Sadly, payday does not rear its beautiful, beautiful head until Monday, so the top will not become part of my clothing collection.

HOWEVER, I did not let this stop me from getting what I wanted. Using cheap, old materials I had at home, I decided to make my own version without spending a small fortune. Here's how.

You will need:
- A vest - any colour, size, shape you want, just make sure there is space to decorate (mine is from Topman, and I used to wear it for the gym...)
- Gems/Jewels - usually available at a haberdashery shop (although I am broke as hell, so I used old jewellery and mini gems I stick on my nails!)
- Needle and thread
- Superglue/Fabric glue (Fabric glue is probably better...)
- Newspaper
- Scissors

The finished result
To make:
1. Arrange your gems on your vest in the pattern you would like. This will make it easier when it comes to sticking and sewing. I didn't really decide on any particular pattern, which is the good thing about creating this vest - you seriously don't need to be very creative! It's easy :)

2. Begin to sew on your gems. As my gems were a mixture, some contained holes which I could easily sew through, the others I had to stick. I did the ones I sewed on first to avoid mess as the glue I used became hard once dry and if it goes all over the place becomes hard to get a needle through.

3. Once you've sewn on your gems, you can glue on the remaining ones. I placed a piece of newspaper underneath my top so it didn't stick together. Also avoid getting superglue on your fingers, MEGA painful.

And there you have it.... Easy as 1.2.3! Team with jeans, a cute cardi and boots, or tuck into a skirt for a smarter evening look. 

My look

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